centipus (centipus) wrote,


All these numbers.. so many.....

tired and up too late and mang o mang o mang i gotta go to work in the mornin o lord almighty and stay there for hours looping around in circles and circles is that how you spell circle it looks so wrong.

fun dinner today with old friend and his wife and their child and mang o mang it really was fun and boy o boy their daughter really is a beauty. most children kinda uhhhh well uhhh..... lets just say she is a wonderfully cute little girl and i sure hope she gets to see nice trees and animals and own a pet and go camping and on and on and all that jazz that prob'ly won't be goin on after the impending atomicbiochemicalendofendwartypecollapsesortathing.

on a related note.... gotta isolate my turntable..... wall shelf would work but no good wall surface here..... sand filled tray with granite block seems promising..... stupid shitty rack i bought you suck. boom boom boom undefined bass!!!!!!!!!!!!! the whole sandy trayed granite block sure sounds like a fun and exciting project.

everyone else's journal makes mine look stupid. EUROFRIDGE.....cigarettes.......turntable isolation....geeze mang really you got to stop hanging yerself up infront of all the people naked recall:

at a certain point one owes discretion to oneself and one's friends or something along those lines

so in all seriousness quit this intimately personal style and write about cigarettes or EUROFRIDGE or turntable isolation
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